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Microbes may hold the key to future high-tech meds and materials

Yeast and E. coli are the workhorses of synthetic biology, reprogrammed and reinvented to manufacture medicine and chemicals. But why stop there? Billions of microbes exist on the planet that might have just the genes we need to make next-generation materials and medicines. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is already on the case.

Conflict & Justice

Corruption worsens an already devastating illegal wildlife trade in Uganda


Uganda sits in the center of Africa and is bordered by some of the continent’s most important game reserves. Its own animal population is relatively small, so it’s not a main target for poachers. But it is a major transit way for the illegal wildlife trade. The Ugandan government has tried to control the illegal trade crossing its borders, but it's been slow-going because a lot of the government is corrupt — including the country's wildlife agency.