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Without ska, there would be no reggae


In the 1960s, rock 'n' roll gave birth to many new styles of popular music. One of those was Ska, which originated in Jamaica and was a precursor to reggae. Filmmaker Brad Klein has just come out with a documentary tracing the history of ska, "Legends of Ska. Without ska, there is no reggae."

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After a massive explosion in China kills dozens and injures hundreds, authorities move to prevent secondary accidents

At least 50 people have been killed and hundreds injured after massive explosions Wednesday night in the Chinese port city of Tianjin. The blasts, which could be seen from space, occurred at a warehouse storing toxic chemicals. Chinese soldiers trained to handle biological and chemical disasters are now working to prevent secondary accidents.

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Is there room for families in the global labor trade?

During the last four decades, the number of international migrants has nearly tripled. Many countries in North America, Europe and Asia have created legal channels for foreign workers. Yet from country to country, governments treat the children of foreign workers as an unwanted burden. Frequently, the children of migrants have become part of a disconnected generation.