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How a determined marine biologist and volunteers saved a giant kelp forest off California's coast

Twelve years ago, marine biologist Nancy Caruso and a group of students and volunteer divers began restoring the kelp forests off the coast of Orange County, California. In August 2014, when huge mounds of the giant seaweed started piling up on Laguna Beach — to the consternation of tourists and beach-goers — Caruso knew the project had succeeded.

Global Politics

The MacArthur Foundation decides to pull out of Russia, suggesting its presence there is unwelcome

The MacArthur Foundation announced Wednesday it would close its offices in Russia. MacArthur President Julia Stasch cites new laws that make the organization's presence in Russia unwelcome. The announcement comes at a time after Russia's upper house of parliament included the foundation on a list of foreign organizations it says pose a threat to Russian sovereignty.