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These activists swim with sharks and crocodiles so you'll stop killing them

When you think of swimming in lakes or the oceans, chances are you think, just briefly, about sharks or maybe crocodiles. And odds are it's not a good feeling. But these two activists want you to know, they're not so bad. Meanwhile, a crowd-source journalism site makes a serious allegation about the shoot-down of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 over Ukraine, and ISIS makes a serious threat against Twitter employees.

Science, Tech & Environment

A high-powered telescope peers into the dark heart of a black hole

Black holes may be exotic, but they are hardly rare. Every galaxy has one, including ours. But it's tough to look at and study black holes since their gravitational pull is so powerful light can't escape from them. But thanks to a new telescope that captures high-energy x-rays, NASA scientists are peering at their edges, confirming Einstein's theories, and may have gotten the first glimpse of a new kind of black hole.


Why have the American men's tennis stars disappeared?

Another year at the US Open is nearly over — and it will be another year without an American keeping the men's title at home. In fact, only two Americans are left among tennis' top 50 men, and neither is a serious major contender. Sadly, it doesn't look like this decline is going to end any time soon.