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In an example of art imitating life, a former Hasidic Jew is the star of the upcoming film, 'Felix & Meira'

Actor Luzer Twersky is starring in a new French Canadian film "Feliz & Meira," about a Hasidic woman who leaves the fold. Luzer plays her Hasidic husband. He has some experience with this scenario. Luzer himself grew up in the Hasidic community in Brooklyn. At 23, he left his two kids and wife for a secular life. He was shunned by his community. He had to learn everything from scratch, including English. Luzer helped translate this new film into Yiddish.

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A recently completed Bergen-Belsen documentary shows the Nazis' paths to persecution

Historian Toby Haggith has been trying to complete a project the British government had started near the end of World War II, but never finished. The government collected footage from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camps to prove what happened there. A rough cut was made into a film, but shelved. Now, however, that rough cut has been turned into a final cut.