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Why a hospital is taking farm workers out of the field and training them as medical interpreters

When you don't speak English, going to the hospital in the US, can be a frightening experience. This was the case for many Mexican farm workers living and working in the Salinas Valley who neither spoke English nor Spanish. Natividad Hospital in Salinas found that four of the most popular languages spoken in the hospital were Native Mexican languages. So, the hospital piloted a program to train indigenous language speakers to become medical interpreters.

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PHOTOS: Surprise, anguish and celebration as the world watched Trump win the US presidency

Americans across the country were glued to their televisions Tuesday night, watching election returns come in, leading to the election of Donald Trump. While the reaction to the news covered the emotional spectrum here in the US, it wasn't just Americans paying close attention. Here's a collection of photos from election parties around the world.

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My love/hate relationship with Barack Obama

I campaigned for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. I will never forget the tears that streamed down my face when, after a long day of "Get Out The Vote" door-knocking in Chicagoland’s American Muslim neighborhoods, I watched him walk out on stage in Grant Park on the television screen in my family’s living room. A person with a name like mine was elected President of the United States.