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Having trouble choosing the right cooking oil? So is everyone else.

Ever wondered which cooking oil is healthiest? There’s canola oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil — even hazelnut, avocado and apricot kernel oil. Each oil has a unique composition of fats and is manufactured in different ways. Some cooking enthusiasts will say that the healthiest oil is the one with the most omega-3s. Others warn against too much chemical processing and opt for “virgin” oils. What's a person to do?

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How Canada tried to eradicate poverty with guaranteed income

For some residents of the Netherlands it will soon be money for nothing. Utrecht in the Netherlands just announced it would be experimenting with "basic income." That is, giving people on welfare a paycheck regardless of whether they get a job or not. This isn't the first experiment in handing out checks without strings. Economist Evelyn Forget studied a similar experiment in Manitoba in the 1970s.