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Why is a Russian art museum granting free admission to women wearing 4-Inch stilettos?

On YouTube, the music video has attracted more than 32 million views in just three weeks. Even for one of Russia’s most popular rock bands, Leningrad’s new song “Display Exhibit” (“Exponat”) stands out as a massive hit. The song tells the story of a young woman going on a date with a man named Serge to an art exhibit featuring work by Vincent van Gogh.

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Built to last: He's staying in a war zone because he can't bear to leave his 1950s cars

Here's a man who refuses to leave the war-torn city of Aleppo so he can look after his collection of vintage cars. The collection includes some vintage American models from the 1950's like a Chevy pick-up and an elegant Buick sedan. Their owner, Abu Omar, says they've been damaged by the conflict, but he's determined to fix them.