PRI Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I hear or purchase one of your programs that I heard?

The best place to hear a program, again, or purchase a program is at that program's individual website (note; not all shows are available for purchase or download due to broadcast rights or agreements). See a list of our programs.

I heard an NPR/APM program, but can’t find it on your website.

PRI and NPR are separate public radio networks. American Public Media is the distributing arm of Minnesota Public Radio. Although your local public radio station may air programs from another network or supplier as well as PRI, we don’t have information on non-PRI programs. For NPR programs, visit the NPR website; for APM programs, visit the APM website.

I heard a story on my local station, and I know the time and date, but don’t know the name of the show.

The best thing to do when you know the time and date of a program, but don’t know the name of the program is to visit your station’s website and check their schedule for the program. This will help narrow the search for what you heard, and speed results. We want to help! And the more information we have, the better we can help you.

I have a great show for PRI.

Fantastic! Go here to get submission guidelines and we'll be able to consider your show. PRI doesn’t do a network-wide review of musicians, spoken-word artists or writers. If there’s a story idea or performance idea you have for one of our shows, you’ll have to submit that to the specific show you’re interested in, following their guidelines.

Program comments?

If you have a comment for a specific program, please feel free to contact the show directly. See this list of our individual programs.

Do you have any stories on X?

Start with our search engine. This will help you find any stories on on that topic. currently includes all stories from PRI's The World, as well as many stories from The Takeaway, Studio 360 and Living on Earth, as well as many stories from other shows and other partners. If it's not on, however, we unfortunately can't help you at this time.


When is my favorite PRI program on in my town?

Please see our program locator.

Who is the person that does your audio logo?

James Newton, who is a flutist and composer (among many other things), is the voice in our audio logo. At the time the audio logo was recorded in the mid '90s, he was on the PRI board. More on James.


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