Plans again for unity government in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said today his party, the Movement for Democratic Change, known as the MDC, would join a unity government next month with Robert Mugabe. Anchor Marco Werman gets an update from the BBC's Jonah Fisher.

Conflict & Justice

Zimbabwe's ?blood diamonds'

The discovery of diamonds in Zimbabwe has led to more misery in a country that's already seen a lot of hardship. And despite claims to the contrary, Laura Lynch found disturbing evidence that the gems are destroying the lives of many.


Interviewing Mugabe

Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe doesn't like speaking to the foreign press, particularly on the eve of an election that the opposition says is rigged in Mugabe's favor


Obama effect in Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans have hopes that the new Obama administration will help bring about changes in their beleaguered country. Andrew Meldrum is Senior Editor at Global Post-dot-com in Boston.