The World - Episode 20071218 - Turkey goes after Kurdish rebels

Hundreds of Turkish troops reportedly crossed over into northern Iraq today to battle against Kurdish rebels. The incursion came as Secretary of State Condoleezza made a visit to Iraq. The conflict puts the United States in a diplomatic tight spot. Both Turkey and the Iraqi Kurds are U.S. allies. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from Scott Peterson with the Christian Science Monitor.

Global Politics

Turkey's Allawites

Religion and politics clash in Turkey, where the ruling Justice and Development Party is rooted in Islam but they say they don't have an Islamic agenda

Lifestyle & Belief

Creationism in Turkey

The World's Aaron Schachter profiles a man in Turkey who's warning the Islamic world about the dangers of evolutionary theory. Creationist Harun Yahya is on a mission to defend his faith against evolution.

Global Politics

The regional factor

Author Stephen Kinzer feels that both Turkey and Iran are key to US foreign policy in the Middle East. Kinzer is the author of ?Reset: Iran, Turkey and America's Future.?

Arts, Culture & Media

A piece of Poland in Turkey

Correspondent Julia Rooke reports on a small village north of Istanbul in Turkey that's famous for preserving the Polish culture of the first settlers more than 160 years ago.

Science, Tech & Environment

Denial near and far

About one in five Americans still doubt that the Earth is warming. Is this healthy skepticism or denial? The World's Jason Margolis reports on cultural denial around the globe.

Global Politics

Illegal letters in Turkey

In Turkey, a law dating back to the 1920s bans the use of Q, W and X. Today it's used against Turkey's ethnic Kurds. Matthew Brunwasser reports.