Palestinian Territories

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Gaza support for Hamas waning

The popularity of the Islamic militant group, Hamas, among Palestinians in the Gaza Strip may be on the decline. Hamas won elections in 2006, but as Linda Gradstein reports, Gazans are not happy with its leadership.

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Peace talks in Egypt

Peace talks resumed today in the Egyptian resort of Sharm El Sheikh. The World's Matthew Bell takes a look at how the debate over Israeli settlements in the West Bank may affect the talks.

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The ?Palestine Papers'

The Palestinian Authority has accused al-Jazeera TV of distortion, after it leaked documents purporting to show offers of major concessions to Israel. The World's Matthew Bell reports from from the West Bank town of Ramallah.

Reaction to Israel's Gaza operations

Arab countries have condemned Israel's offensive in Gaza. But there's been little in the way of action from Arab governments. One exception is Lebanon, which today declared a national day of mourning in support of the Palestinians in Gaza. The Lebanese government is also pledging a million dollars in food and medical aid. Here's more on the Arab reaction from The World's Aaron Schachter in Beirut.

Fighting continues in Gaza

Anchor Lisa Mullins gets the latest on the conflict between Israel and Hamas from The World's Quil Lawrence, who's at the Gaza border. There was a three-hour break in the fighting today. Both Israel and Hamas are reportedly considering a ceasefire, but there's no agreement yet.

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Gaza cease-fire near?

Mediators in Egypt are still trying to hammer out a cease-fire agreement to end the violence between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Anchor Marco Werman gets the latest on the truce effort from The World's Quil Lawrence in Cairo.

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Restarting the peace process

President Obama has sent a team of high-level national security officials to the Middle East. He's trying to revive an Arab-Israeli peace process that has yet to get off the ground. The World's Matthew Bell reports.