Disarray within the Taliban

The leader of the Pakistani Taliban is believed to have died last week in a US drone strike. And another Pakistani Taliban leader may also have been killed this past weekend. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with author Nicholas Schmidle.


Economic impact of terrorism

Pakistan's stock market ended 7 percent lower on the week as cautious investors sold amid continued militant attacks across the country. The World's Katy Clark looks at the economic impact of the fight against terrorism in Pakistan.


Former UN envoy criticizes Taliban arrests

The UN's former envoy to Afghanistan, Kai Eide, has strongly criticized Pakistan's recent arrest of high-ranking Taliban leaders. Eide told the BBC the arrests had completely stopped a channel of secret communications with the UN. Jason Margolis reports.


Renewables find niche in Pakistan

An extreme electricity shortage in Pakistan has left many Pakistanis looking for alternatives to power from the grid. Now a growing number are turning to energy from the sun and wind. Asma Khalid reports from Lahore.


Pakistan disease dangers remain

The floods in Pakistan have killed up to 1,600 people. Another two million have been left homeless. The BBC's Lyse Doucet has been monitoring the devastation across the country. Katy Clark talks with her.

Conflict & Justice

Cricket scandal hits Pakistan

The governing body of international cricket is pressuring Pakistan to address the allegations that fixing by players is endemic in its matches. British police are investigating Pakistan's humiliating test defeat against England at Lord's.