Financial crisis: the cost to Africa

The World looks at how the financial turmoil shaking major economies could hurt millions of people living on the edge. Experts examine the economic prospects in African nations already suffering from higher food and fuel prices.

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Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Kenya, southwest Kenya to be exact. That's where you'll find the Maasai Mara National Reserve. A new study says the wild animals in the reserve are struggling for survival. Anchor Katy Clark gets details from Robin Reid, director of the Center for Collaborative Conservation in Colorado.


Saving Kenya's lions

The population of lions in the East African nation of Kenya is on the decline. Conservationists there have put forth a radical proposal. To save the lions, they say, the lions should be hunted. The World's Andrea Crossan explains.


Germany's terror alert

Safari tourism in Africa is changing. Tracking down big game is still central, but more and more tourists are also involved with conservation and helping local communities. Correspondent Jake Warga reports.