Arts, Culture & Media

Not-so-live performance

A new book states that Luciano Pavarotti's performance at the 2006 Olympic opening ceremonies in Turin was lip-synched - both voice and orchestra were recorded before the ceremony, and The World's Alex Gallafent examines the significance of the claim.


Leaders who love technology

President-elect Obama may have to give up his BlackBerry for national security reasons. Anchor Marco Werman talks with The World's Clark Boyd about other world leaders who love their technology.


Legal trouble for Google in Italy

An Italian court has ruled that three Google executives are criminally responsible for a video posted on the company's online sharing service. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more about the case from The World's technology correspondent Clark Boyd.

Conflict & Justice

Berlusconi suffers legal setback

Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi suffered a legal setback today. Italy's Constitutional Court ruled that he can no longer claim official business as an excuse to avoid testifying in legal cases against him. The World's Gerry Hadden has more.