Conflict & Justice

New violence in Iraq

Anchor Katy Clark speaks with the BBC's Jim Muir in Baghdad about two suicide bombings in Iraq today, coming on the heels of yesterday's two suicide attacks. The new violence highlights the challenges still ahead in Iraq.

Conflict & Justice

Change for Syria

US special envoy George Mitchell will be in Syria soon. Anchor Katy Clark speaks with Syria expert, Joshua Landis, about the prospects for change in the Middle East. Landis is assistant professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oklahoma.


Violence in Anbar province

Today, a double suicide bomb attack Iraq's Anbar province killed at least 23 people and wounded nearly 60. Anchor Katy Clark speaks with Sam Dagher of the New York Times, who's in northern Iraq.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Tikrit in the Iraqi province of Salah ad Din. Its home to a palace once occupied by Saddam Hussein. US Sergeant First Class George Havel spent four months in Tikrit and gave reporter Jake Warga a tour of Tikrit's palace.


Progress in Iraq

Anchor Lisa Mullins talks with Anthony Shadid, Baghdad correspondent for the New York Times, about the stalled progress in Iraq. Iraqis are still unable to form a government nearly seven months after elections, and insurgent violence is not going away.

Conflict & Justice

Torture inquiry in London

Lawyers representing 142 Iraqis will head to the High Court in London tomorrow asking for a public inquiry into allegations of systemic torture by British forces in Iraq.The World's Laura Lynch has more from London.