Iraq's Paralympics team

The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports on Iraq's Paralympic Team, which is competing in Beijing. Many of the team's members have been affected by the current war in their country, though some were wounded in previous conflicts, such as the Iran-Iraq War.

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Iraq withdrawal

For two years during his campaign, Barack Obama spoke about having a plan to end the war in Iraq. Today, Mr Obama announced the withdrawal of most American troops from in Iraq by the end of August 2010. The World's Matthew Bell reports.


Baghdad handover

There were celebrations throughout Baghdad and other Iraqi cities today as American forces officially handed over control to Iraqi security forces. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out what's happening from Sahar Issa.

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Explosions in Baghdad

Baghdad was pummeled by five explosions today in the deadliest violence since US troops withdrew from the city on June 30th. The targets were mainly government buildings. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Washington Post reporter, Ernesto Londono.


Iraqi film festival

Some Iraqi film-makers have decided to use the scars of violence as a backdrop. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with one of the organizers, Husam Al Shara.


IEDs in Afghanistan

Improvised explosive devices ? or IEDs ? are crude but deadly devices that have cost thousands of lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ben Gilbert has the first of several stories on IEDs in Afghanistan and the effort to counter them.