Residents of 'Tehrangeles' disagree on the worth of the Iranian nuclear deal

Washington has been a focal point for discussions around the Iran Nuclear deal, but it’s not the only place the agreement is being debated. Around the country, people are making their opinions known — sometimes loudly, and sometimes more subtly — in coffee shops and at dinner tables. Nowhere is this debate more relevant than inLos Angeles’ Westwood neighborhood, also known as "Tehrangeles." It’s home to the largest Persian community outside of Iran.

Arts, Culture & Media

Linking Havana, Tehran and Seattle through art, posters

A design show featuring poster artists from Seattle, Havana and Tehran opens Labor Day weekend at the Bumbershoot Festival. The show will later travel to Tehran and then Havana. The curators have jokingly titled the collection of posters, the “SHT show” because, they write, when the get together it’s fun — "no politics, no prejudices — just an appreciation of our common interests."

Conflict & Justice

Word from Iran's supreme leader

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with L.A. Times correspondent Borzou Daragahi, about today's speech by Iran's Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Khamenei demanded an end to the massive street protests sparked by last Friday's presidential election.

Conflict & Justice

Iran's new nuclear proposal

A new proposal by Iran today is creating confusion among international negotiators. Iran wants to buy enriched uranium rather than send the uranium it already has to another country for processing. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from Borzou Daragahi.


Iran opposition plans rally

The Iranian opposition is calling for demonstrations against the government on the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. The regime has begun executing opponents. Anchor Marco Werman discusses Iranian opposition with Nazila Fathi of the New York Times.

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Iranian musician

Los Angeles Times correspondent Borzou Daragahi tells us about a music teacher in Iran whose blindness has given him and his students an opportunity they wouldn't otherwise have under strict Islamic law.

Lifestyle & Belief

Iranian blogger sentenced

Iranian-Canadian Hossein Derakhshan aka Hoder, credited with sparking the boom in reform blogging among Iranians, has reportedly been sentenced to 19 years in prison by an Iranian court. The World's Clark Boyd has more on the story.