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'She fought the best way she knew how'


Her killer sentenced to prison Saturday, slain AP war photographer Anja Niedringhaus will be remembered for her searing works and a courage that battle-hardened soldiers respected. Writes one former Marine: "She lived it: the stale sweat, the sand, the blood, the joy of a successful op when everyone comes home and the deep anguish of loss when someone you may have just been talking to moments ago doesn’t."

Conflict & Justice

Afghanistan conference

Afghan forces will begin taking control of security in some of the country's provinces by the end of 2010, a key summit on its future has pledged. Marco Werman talks with Afghanistan's finance minister Omar Zakhilwal, who attended the London conference.


The cost of caring for injured soldiers

More than 8 years after war in Afghanistan and 7 years of war in Iraq, the number of injured veterans from these conflicts grows. The World's Katy Clark tells us about the recent study that says the VA doesn't know what the long-term costs will be.


Violence mars Afghan peace jirga

A gathering to discuss ways to bring peace to Afghanistan got under way today in Kabul despite rocket and suicide bomb attacks by the Taliban. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Ajmal Khan Zazai, a tribal leader in the eastern province of Paktia.

Conflict & Justice

Afghanistan banking crisis

Afghanistan's central bank is in trouble. Nervous depositors across the country have been emptying their accounts for days amid fears that Afghanistan's largest private bank was collapsing. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from reporter Jean MacKenzie.