Development & Education

Have we been duped? The successful building of schools in Afghanistan may be overstated

The US Agency for International Development claims American efforts to help build schools in Afghanistan have been successful, with schools now serving millions of Afghan pupils. But a BuzzFeed investigation questions the agency's numbers, finding many US-financed schools in serious disrepair and the enrollment numbers inflated.

Conflict & Justice

'Make no mistake, these women are warriors'

The US military operated a unique special operations and intelligence gathering operation during the war in Afghanistan. Half the population was essentially off limits to male soldiers. So the Army created "cultural support teams," all female teams that accompanied special operations units, despite a ban on women serving in combat positions. The job cost one female soldier her life. Gayle Tzemach Lemmon tells her story and that of the cultural support teams in a new book, "Ashley's War."


Afghan peace council

Afghan president Hamid Karzai says he has a plan to woo people away from the insurgents. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with tribal chief Ajmal Khan Zazai. Zazai doesn't support Karzai, but he supports the president's idea of reaching out to insurgents.

Conflict & Justice

Field support in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, 140,000 US and NATO troops are fighting the resurgent Taliban. 30,000 them have arrived in just the past eight months, that's put a strain on the troops who build the bases and keep the supplies coming. The World's Ben Gilbert reports.