Development & Education

Have we been duped? The successful building of schools in Afghanistan may be overstated

The US Agency for International Development claims American efforts to help build schools in Afghanistan have been successful, with schools now serving millions of Afghan pupils. But a BuzzFeed investigation questions the agency's numbers, finding many US-financed schools in serious disrepair and the enrollment numbers inflated.


Locating al-Qaeda

America's top general in Afghanistan says a new strategy is needed. It's assumed that a goal will be to reduce the capability of al-Qaeda. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Bruce Hoffman, professor of security studies at Georgetown University.

Conflict & Justice

Dancing boys of Afghanistan

An ancient tradition banned by the Taliban is now experiencing a comeback in Afghanistan. It's the practice of bacha bazi or boy for play'. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Ghaith Abdul Ahad, who wrote about �bacha bazi' for The Guardian newspaper.


Abdullah interview

Afghans went to the polls in August. The poll has been beset by serious fraud allegations and the UN-backed election complaints commission ordered a partial recount. Marco Werman talks with Dr. Abdullah about democracy in Afghanistan.


Afghans speak out on call-in show

Anchor Marco Werman checks in with Inayatulhaq Yasini, host of the BBC's Pashto-language radio show 'Your Voice', to find out what his Afghan listeners are talking about as the presidential run-off election draws near.

Lifestyle & Belief

Away game in Afghanistan

Jess Markt is a member of the New York Rolling Knicks, a wheelchair basketball franchise team. He recently returned from a trip to Afghanistan, and he speaks with anchor Marco Werman about the conditions and coaching players there.

Development & Education

On IED patrol in Afghanistan

IED's are now responsible for 70 % of the US troop fatalities in Afghanistan. The US led coalition is trying to combat them is by finding the bombs before they blow up. In part two of our series, reporter Ben Gilbert is embedded in southern Afghanistan.