Global Politics

European Union prepares to adopt 24th official language as costs mount, calls for English rise

In the European Union, every language is an official language. Government officials speak in the official language of their country, and those comments are then translated into 22, soon to be 23, other languages. All of that costs $1.4 billion per year — and that total will increase when Croatian becomes an official language later this year.

Science, Tech & Environment

Geo answer: Belgium

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Belgium. The World's David Leveille explains that the country's national airline has decided to slow down their airplanes to cut fuel consumption.

Health & Medicine

Ukraine interview

The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse reports on a coal mine accident in Ukraine, where today, rescue workers announced they'd helped 23 miners to safety while others remain missing, though.

Business, Finance & Economics

Overseas bailout

As the U.S. bailout plan stumbles on Capitol Hill, European banks are suffering from their exposure to the U.S. crisis. The World's Laura Lynch reports that governments in Europe have had to intervene with bailouts of their own.

Global Politics

Ukraine worries about Russian aggression

Many of Russia's neighbors were alarmed by its war with Georgia this summer -- Ukraine especially so. Many Ukrainians fear their country could become Russia's next target. The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse reports from Kiev.

Business, Finance & Economics

Czech cars report

The Czech Republic depends on making low-end cars for Western Europe. The World's Gerry Hadden tells how that nation's economy is in trouble as the market for vehicles dries up.

Global Politics

The terrorist threat to Europe

The US continues to warn that al-Qaida may be planning to attack targets in Europe. Lisa Mullins gets an assessment from the BBC's defense and security correspondent Nick Childs is in London.