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With no time to find a cure, Ebola could be contained faster with a quicker test

Time is running out for thousands of people in Africa who are in danger of contracting Ebola. A cure or vaccine will not come in time to prevent many more infections and possible deaths. And now a second case has been diagnosed in the US. Perhaps the only answer is a rapid diagnostic test that can quickly identify those who are ill and those who are not.

Global Politics

Kenya's HIV challenge

Sheri Fink reports from Kenya on a public health challenge that comes on the heels of Kenya's own post-election crisis: thousands of Kenyan AIDS patients left their homes during the recent violence

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A Christmas feast in Africa

Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out what's typically served at the Christmas table in the African nation of Kenya. She speaks with Binyavanga Wainaina, author, journalist and African food fanatic, who currently teaches at Williams College in Massachusetts.