Conflict & Justice

Pakistani Government Joins Anti-Islam Film Protest

Tensions are boiling in Pakistan over the anti-Islam video that's sparked protests in many Muslim nations. In Pakistan, the government has responded to the protests there by declaring tomorrow a national holiday, called "Day for the Love of the Prophet."

Lifestyle & Belief

''The Girl From Foreign''

Anchor Marco Werman speaks to Sadia Shepard about her new memoir, "The Girl from Foreign." Shepard's book is about her quest to learn more about her family's eclectic religious history.

Conflict & Justice

Mumbai in the aftermath

People in Mumbai went back to work today. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with reporter Nikhil Dixit about how the city is coping in the aftermath of last week's deadly attacks. Dixit is a crime reporter for the "Daily News and Analysis" newspaper in Mumbai.

Arts, Culture & Media

Truck poetry in Pakistan

Driving in Karachi's crazy traffic can be very stressful. But amidst all this mess there is one source of pleasure � the wonderfully decorated public transport vehicles. Fahad Desmukh reports on the poetry that adorns many vehicles in Pakistan.